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Native American Indians lived in Villages
North America was called Florida by Explorers!

  These drawings are original European sketches of Native America. They were colored and published at different times over the centuries.  Most of these were published in 1590 by Theodore de Bry in
a book called The New World.

Europeans Arrive in Native America Europeans Landing in Native America Native American Indian Field Workers Tatooed Man in Native America

Frenchmen landing in AmericaA French Fort in America

Seloy Native American Indian Chiefs

Sir Francis Drake's New World, 1586
A Native American Priest An Indian Woman A Roanoke Chief A Native American Woman of Florida A Native American Indian Chief

Sebastian Munster's 1544 New World Map
Sebastian Münster's 1544 New World Map
Explorers found Native Americans living at places which are cities
again today. Native places in fourteen States are presented HERE.

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