Colorful Drawings and Maps of the New World

Native Americans lived in Villages North America was called Florida by Explorers!

    These drawings are from original sketches of America. They were colored and published at different times over the centuries.

Frenchmen landing in AmericaImagined Map of American Shore

Seloy Native American Indian Chiefs

Europeans used hunting dogs in America         The French Were Welcomed to Florida

A New World Church and a Glass Window in it - 1580
A New World Church   New World Church Glass

New World Armour Makers and Knights
New World Armour Maker New World Steel Chain-mail Maker New World Horseman New World Knight New World Priest and Followers

New World Books Were Made and Read in Europe
New World Book Maker New World Book New World Interests Grew Another New World Book

New World Maps Were Made and Shared in Europe New World Map Makers
Sebastian Munster's 1544 New World Map
Sebastian Münster's 1544 New World Map

Maps & Images by John White of Sir Francis Drake's New World, 1586
East Coast of North America Salt making on St. John's Island Chesapeake Bay to Cape Lookout A Priest An Indian Woman A Roanoke Chief A Woman of Florida An Indian Chief Indian Woman with Child A Sorcerer Cooking Fish on a Barbeque A Meal Sitting Around the Fire

Color Plates of the New World from Theodore de Bry
Native American Ceremony Frenchmen in the New World Mining the New World

Explorers found Native Americans living at places which are cities
again today. Native places in fourteen States are presented here.

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